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Cleaner Accessory Pad™ Video

Profesionals click here to see our press release.

Click here for a FREE trial sample of the Cleaner accessory pad.



After trying The Cleaner Accessory Pad™, if you be interested in sharing your opinion on our Testimonial page, here's your chance. We would love to hear from you and know what you think about our product. We may share it with others who visit our Website...

Many Thanks! Email comments to: easyeyes@easyeyes.com


" I recommend the Cleaner Accessory PadTT to all my lens patients. It is a highly effective way to keep both hard and soft contact lenses ultra-clean. Cleaner lenses contribute to better vision, greater comfort and healthier eyes! This handy device will make it easy to keep your lenses like new, even if you are one of those 'problem' patients who has trouble getting your lenses to stay clean and clear."

Wayne W. Wood, O.D.
1500 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204

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