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Questions & Answers

Q. What type of lens can you clean with The Cleaner Accessory Pad™?
A. You can clean all types of lenses with the Cleaner Accessory Pad™ using the same cleaning solution you currently use.

Q. Will the Cleaner Accessory Pad™ damage my lens?
A. The Cleaner is safe when used as recommended.  It is much safer that placing the lens in the palm of your hand where oils and build up from your hand can contaminate the lens.

Q. Will the Cleaner Accessory Pad™ help prevent irritating surface buildup

A. Yes. The Cleaner Accessory Pad™ will help prevent surface buildup of many hard to clean coatings, including protein deposits, make-up, hairspray, and many others.

Q. Is the Cleaner Pad easy to use?
A. Yes, it is easy to understand, easy to use, reusable and convenient.

Q. Are there any clinical findings on problems associated with surface buildup?
A. Yes. A Johns Hopkins Hospital study indicates corneal inflammation can be reduced by 74% if lenses are removed overnight and cleaned regularly.

Q. Why can't I wear my lenses all of my waking hours?
A. The leading cause of discomfort and shortened lens wearing time is the failure of the wearer to keep contact lenses free of surface deposits and coatings.

Q. Will the Cleaner Accessory Pad™ help me adjust to my lenses quicker?
A. Yes.  Eye Care Practitioners have reported that maintaining clean lenses results in better eye care health and comfort, ensuring the lens wearer the ability to wear contact lenses long in the future.

Q. What is the number one complaint associated with wearing contact lenses?
A. Consumers report that the leading problem with all types of contact lens wearing is discomfort due to surface buildup.

Q. What causes surface buildup?
A. Surface buildup is primarily caused by accumulation of, protein, dirt, oils, mucous, cosmetics, hairspray and environmental pollutants. 

Q. Do I have to buy a special cleaning solution?
A. The Pad is not part of a specific system, but will work with any cleaning solution that you currently use or one recommended by your doctor.  The Pad is unique and clearly solves cleaning problems better than cleaning solutions alone.

Q. Can I try a free sample of the Pad?
A. Yes you can by clicking on our Free Sample Request.

Q. What type of patients can use your Post Mydriatic Glasses?
A. Our post mydriatics are good for all patients. We have a wide range of glasses to fit adults and pediatrics, as well as slip-ins for those who wear prescriptive glasses.

Q. Do you have adjustable temples on the Post Mydriatic Glasses?
A. Yes the earpieces can be adjusted for a comfortable fit for adults and children.

Q. Do you have a slip-in or drop-in model?
A. We have both.

Q. What kind of lenses can be placed in Easy Eyes Contact Lens Cases?
A. Any type of lenses can be placed in our Deep Well Flat Packs and our Screw Top Fashion Cases. When storing soft lenses in solution we recommend the Screw top with leak proof O-ring.

Q. What type of lens can you remove with The Lens Removers?
A. We have both soft lens removers and hard lens removers.

Q. Can I use the Contact Lens Handling Tweezers for removing soft lens from my cases?
A. Yes, our Contact Lens Handling Tweezers are good for handling all types of lenses and removing them from your cases.

Q. What type of lens can be used with the Lenserter?
A. You can insert any type of lenses with the Lenserter.

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