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Profesionals click here to see our press release.

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Product Name:  Cleaner Accessory Pad ™
Manufacturer: Eaton Manufacturer
Price: $14.95
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easyEyes, by Eaton

4 sponges per box (a recommended 1 month supply)
3 month /3 Box Set is the minimum order @ $14.95 per set.

THE EASY EYES CONTACT LENS HOME CLEANING PAD features a "non-abrasive" pad that the lens is placed on and gently scrubbed using any liquid cleaner recommended by the Eye Care Professional. It is reusable and washable and employs the same method used in the practitioner's office for renewing all soft, hard, and gas permeable contact lenses.

See why you need the Cleaner Accesory Pad, and request a free trial sample below!

Most of all contact lens discomfort and shortened wearing time is due to dirty lenses!

The CLEANER ACCESSORY PAD™ will please even the toughest heavy depositors and offers superb down around cleaning for RGP and soft lenses.

Failure to properly clean off deposits can result in lens dryness, blurred vision, and eye irritation. Cleaner lenses means fewer unscheduled office visits. This new product will save you time and help eliminate simple cleaning regime headaches.

Now... the EASY EYES CONTACT LENS HOME CLEANING PAD is the first product that answers the need for effectively cleaning all soft, hard, and gas permeable contact lenses. After using the cleaner for a short period of time, you will notice more comfortable lenses, clearer vision, extended lens life, and fewer problems with torn lenses.

THE CLEANER ACCESSORY PAD™ was designed by "Eye Care Professionals" specifically for safely removing damaging particles from the lens... such as protein, body oil, cosmetics, and any other materials that normally stick to the lens' surface.

Click here to read the complete Contact Lens Case Report about The Cleaner in Contact Lens Spectrum magazine.

Click here to request information for FREE Sample

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