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21st Annual Contact Lens Report

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These 10 Little Gadgets Can Be Big Practice Builders
Inexpensive ideas that can boost your productivity and your patient's success.

Although contact lenses are not really "gadgets," these tiny optical devices appeal to the whiz-kid mentality in most of us. This affinity for gizmos and gimmicks affects most optomertrists, and nowhere is the assortment of gadgets more prevalent than in the contact lens practice. So, here is an updated collection of my favorite specialized devices than can easily solve problems you'll encounter daily in your contact lens practice.
1. The Cleaner Accessory Pad
Most patients can keep their rigid and soft lenses clean with conventional cleaning methods For a few, however, lens deposits and coatings are a challenge even though they regularly use surfactant and enzyme cleaners. The Cleaner Accessory Pad, by Eaton Medicals Corporation, is a device that enables these patients to safely polish soft and RGP lenses to remove surface coatings.
The patient simply puts a few drops of cleaning solution on the pad and rubs the lens against it in a gentle, circular motion, first cleaning the inside and then the outside. It can be used daily, weekly or monthly. The pad's mild friction is an effective adjunct to the surfactant cleaner. The Cleaner comes in packs of four from Eaton Medicals 1-800-253-5949


Wayne W. Wood, O.D.
Jacksonville, FLa.

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